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Almost everything about Campanula, look at the most complete list of Campanula names. During my study (1980), for the education act L5, at the RMTuS in Aalsmeer, was my choice for the final thesis, the Campanula genus.

Herman Berteler, here on Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden Cape Town South Africa

Fascinated by the beauty of wild species during our camping holidays and the famous “Star of Bethlehem” (Campanula isophylla), formerly at Grandma's home, the choice was not difficult.

Inspired also by the experience in floriculture (Fa. van Staaveren - Aalsmeer and Stapoflor Ltd - Palmela, Portugal), the title of my thesis was easy to choose; “Campanula's as cut flowers and pot” - Herman Berteler, Groesbeek, 1981.

The research that followed was almost an obsession and became the Dutch largest assortment of Campanula species kept and bred in the training garden and greenhouses Werkenrode in Groesbeek.

In the 80s I maintained intensive correspondence with dozens of botanical gardens around the world and a unique collection of literatuur and articles constructed. In 1989 I published two catalogues, one green and one yellow, containing authors and bibliographies.

The green catalog included a list of all literature, articles, scientific studies, books, magazines, etc in my possession. A list of more than 250 authors and more than 360 titles about Campanula, coming from 30 countries.

The yellow catalog contained a list of comparable size with me still wanted and desired authors and literature.

Years of literacy in cubbies, signs of seeds, fruits, leaves and flowers, pictures of flowers and plants, stagnated in the rise of computers and by changes in my job. Everything shifted to the filing cabinet and anonymity, the assortment fell apart and disappeared. I had kept the memories, the existing archives, conservation of some species in private gardens and theme collection stamps; Bluebell Flowers!.

C.pyramidalis spontane zaailing - Foto Herman Berteler
C.pyramidalis spontane zaailing - Foto Herman Berteler
C.pyramidalis alba zaailing - Foto Herman Berteler

A deep longing for the elaboration of old plans flourished again after 20 years, as a adventiefknop that after years of staying in an old underground rhizome, shoot again. Hopefully time awarded this exclusive but very intense hobby long exercise. Archiving and bring together the available information by species, in the way that my practical and meaningful looks.

That many fans of the Campanula Flower here something may have just as anyone who shows interest, from any angle whatsoever.

Herman Berteler

PS - also to some Campanulaceae will address.

This website of Campanula's was created to bring together al available information and distribute it to all interested Internet users. This is - a non-profit project. I don't have any economic benefit from the existence of the site. The data about the plants collected from studies, books, magazines, newspapers and websites whose names are listed in the “Literature consult”. Many thanks to all visitors who helped.

Dear visitors! If you have something to share with others (articles, photos, a sensible thoughts), be sure to write! Any help in the formation and replenishment of the website will be welcome. Contact Herman Berteler at

Rijk aan vogels

Presentatie Rijk aan vogels, 19 juni 2015. Eerste ex. overhandigd door auteur Herman Berteler (links) aan greenkeeper Freek Snel (midden) en alg.dir. Hans Blaauw (rechts) op Het Rijk van Nijmegen.
Cover van Rijk aan Vogels; vogels op Het Rijk van Nijmegen-Committed to Birds.

Verschenen op 19 juni 2015, de eerste vogelgids met biotoopbeschrijving van golfbanencomplex Het Rijk van Nijmegen te Groesbeek. Voor meer informatie: []


Auteur Herman Berteler, verkleed als kerstman, overhandigt tijdens de opening van de Art Expo, het eerste exemplaar aan de clubvoorzitter.
INSECTEN RIJK, hardcover, 227 pag., 225 species, 500 photo's

Verschenen op 18 december 2016, het tweede natuurboek met biotoopbeschrijving van golfbanencomplex Het Rijk van Nijmegen te Groesbeek, genaamd: INSECTEN RIJK. Voor meer informatie:

Meer informatie: { : }



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