Campanula sarmatica

Campanula sarmatica - Photographer:
Campanula sarmatica, Leningrad Komarev Botanical Institute - Photographer: T.Shulnina - Herman Berteler.

Ker-Gawl. 1).

sarmatica KER.& GAWL.: Orig 004841-0117-72, Locn 1A EU, rec: PLNT: 1ab: 1, dis: CAUCASUS, ayr: 72,2)
sarmatica KER-GAWL.: Orig 014079-0179-75, Locn 1A AM, rec: SEED: 1ab: 1, ayr: 75,3)


Some of the material listed under the name Campanula filicaulis is Campanula sarmatica 4).

Simular to Campanula Kolenatiana C.A.mey. ex Rupr.

Campanula sarmatica - Foto and drawing Herman Berteler


E.: Georgian Bellflower


Grayish-green, pubescent, clump-forming perennial. Flower stems erect, mostly simple, to 1-2 ft.

Graham Nichollls - Note: Growing to 45 cm and is equally at home in a pot as in the garden but beware of slugs/snails. It sets plenty of seed.

Campanula sarmatica - Foto and drawing Herman Berteler

USDA Zone: 4-9. Plant number: 1.110.590. It forms a low tuft or mound of crinkly arrow-shaped grey-green leaves, bearing upright stems in summer that hold dangling soft lavender-blue bells with flaring petals. Prefers a moist site with excellent drainage in winter. While many Bellflower species are gobbled by slugs and snails, this one may be more resistant because of the hairy leaves. Height; 30-50 cm, 12-20 inches. Spread; 25-30 cm, 10-12 inches. Growth Rate; Medium.5)
Experimenten in 1964, afkomstig van 2.700 m hoogte. Hoogte 60 cm.6)

Is rather like the preceding species, having pale blue bells with ovate foliage. Both of them grow from two to 2,5 feet, and are desirable plants in the border.7)


Lower leaves long-petioled, hastate-ovate, to 3 in. long, unequally dentate, stem leaves smaller, more oblong.

Foliage Color; Grey Green.


AlpenPix - Campanula sarmatica - Photographer: Graham Nichollls - Note: A fine sturdy species from the northern Caucasus growing to 45 cm and is equally at home in a pot as in the garden but beware of slugs/snails. It sets plenty of seed.

Flower Colour; Light Blue, Mauve/Lilac. Blooming Time; Mid Summer, Late Summer. Flower Head Size; Medium.8)

Flower measuring, between 25 - 40mm (1 - 1 1/2 inch.)9)

Nodding, in nearly naked racemes, calyx with white-villous, small appendages, corolla pale gray-blue, about 1 in. long, hairy outside.
Bluhmen mehr oder weniger lang gestielt, zuweilen einzeln endstandig. Kelchbuchten mit Anhangen. Blutenstand traubig oder rispig 10)


Graham Nichollls - Note: It sets plenty of seed.

Seed available, in small quantity. Species actually grown or used for breeding 11)
Kapsel nahe am Grunde aufspringend (Hangende Kapseln springen meist nahe am Grunde, aufrechte nahe den Kelchb. auf. Man kann daher im Allgemeinen die Art des Aufspringens aus der Stellung der verbluhten Bl. erschliessen, besonders wenn diese gestielt sind.) Sect. I Medium Tourn. (als Gatt.). B. Triloculares. Kapsel 3facherig (seltener bei ein- und derselben Art hier und da auch 5facherig) 12)

Campanula sarmatica Foto and drawing Herman Berteler

* Campanula sarmatica Ker-Gawl 474-82. De: Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver, Colorado, USA. 18-2-82. Descr.: sem.13)


This charming Bellflower species is a good choice for a sunny rock garden. Also suitable for edging borders or at the top of a rock wall. Sun Exposure; Full Sun or Partial Shade. Soil Type; Normal or Sandy. Soil pH; Neutral or Alkaline or Acid. Soil Moisture; Average or Moist. Care Level; Easy. Accent: Good Texture/Form, Alpine & Rock, Border, Containers, Cut Flower, Edging, Rabbit Resistant, Massed. Foot Traffic; None.14)


Native to the Caucasus region in the Republic of Georgia.

Graham Nichollls - Note: A fine sturdy species from the northern Caucasus.

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