Campanula collina

Bieb., M.B.

Campanula collina - Photographer: Majella Larochelle.

collina :Orig 015199-0055-76 Locn 1A EU: rec: PLNT: 1ab: 1, ayr: 76 1)

Nomenclatuur - Infrageneric Taxa

Sect.Latilimbus (Fedorov.)Damboldt, stat.nov.


  • Subsect. Latlimbus Fedorov in Fl. URSS 24:464(1957).

Type. Campanula collina Bieb., Fl. Taur.-Cauc. 1:152(1808).2)


Eng.: Armenian Bellflower


Clump-forming perennial, stems many, erect, to 1 ft., scapose. 3).

USDA Zone: 4-9. Plant number: 1.110.780. A seldom-seen but easy species of Bellflower, this forms a low carpet or cushion of hairy leaves. Upright stems appear in late spring, bearing loads of dangling violet-blue bells over many weeks. May self seed or spread where happy, but not in an annoying way. Quite likely hardy in Zone 3 or colder. Height; 20-30 cm, 8-12 inches. Spread; 20-30 cm, 8-12 inches. Growth Rate; Medium.4)
Levende planten verzameld in 1964 Werchniej Swanetia (bovenste Swanetia), in de kloof van het Payar Lajl, op de droge Subalpine weide. Groei van april tot oktober. Bloeit juli. Zaad in september. Hoogte 30 cm. Voortplanting d.m.v. zaden.5)


Leaves clustered basally, the lowermost long-petioled, blades ovate-oblong, 2-3 in. long, serrate.

Foliage Color; Deep Green.


Campanula collina - Photographer:

Flower measuring, between 25 - 40mm (1 - 1 1/2 inch.)6)
Flowers few, in 1-sided racemes, nodding, calyx without appendages, to about 3/8 in. long, often drying bluish, corolla deep purplish-blue, to 1 ½ in. long, broadly campanulate.
Bluhmen mehr oder weniger lang gestielt, zuweilen einzeln endstandig. Kelchbuchten mit Anhangen. Blutenstand traubig oder rispig. Flower Head Size; Small. 7)
Flower Colour; Deep Blue Purple. Blooming Time; Early Summer, Mid Summer, Late Spring.8)
Bloeit juli. Hoogte 30 cm.9)


Kapsel nahe am Grunde aufspringend (Hangende Kapseln springen meist nahe am Grunde, aufrechte nahe den Kelchb. auf. Man kann daher im Allgemeinen die Art des Aufspringens aus der Stellung der verbluhten Bl. erschliessen, besonders wenn diese gestielt sind.) Sect. I Medium Tourn. (als Gatt.). B. Triloculares. Kapsel 3facherig (seltener bei ein- und derselben Art hier und da auch 5facherig) 10)

Campanula collina - Foto and drawing Herman Berteler

Seed available, in small quantity. Information needed.- Species actually grown or used for breeding 11)
Zaad in september. Hoogte 30 cm. Voortplanting d.m.v. zaden.12)

Campanula collina M. Bieb. 2136-83. De: Hortus Botanicus, Universitatis Bergensis, Norvegiae. Descr.: sem.13)


* Campanula collina var. forms

Information needed.14)

* Campanula collina var. major

* Campanula collina var. pumila


Campanula collina - Foto and drawing Herman Berteler


Prefers an evenly moist loam soil. Suitable for the large rock garden, containers or edging the border. Particularly effective growing on walls or in raised beds. Deciduous in winter, the foliage can be cut back in late fall or early spring. Sun Exposure: Full Sun or Partial Shade. Soil Type; Normal or Sandy. Soil pH; Neutral or Alkaline or Acid. Soil Moisture; Average or Moist. Care Level; Easy. Plant Uses & aracteristics; Accent: Good Texture/Form, Alpine & Rock, Containers Edging. Foot Traffic; None.15)



Caucasus, Kleinasien

Levende planten verzameld in 1964 Werchniej Swanetia (bovenste Swanetia), in de kloof van het Payar Lajl, op de droge Subalpine weide. 16)

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