Campanula keniensis



Thulin in Bot. Notiser 128:350, fig. 1/A, 2/D(1976). Type: Kenya, Masai District, Ngong Hills, Moberg 1415(UPS,holo.!)

Synonym: Campanula sp. A sensu Agnew, U.K.W.F.: 509(1974).1)


Annual ca. stiffy erect herb, up to 35cm. tall. Stem branched mainly in the upper part, strongly ribbed, hirsute with mixed hairs of very variable lengths.2)


Leaves sessile, narrouwly ovate to ovate above, elliptie to oblanceolate or narrowly ovate towards the base, up to 10-25mm. long, 5-10mm. wide, acute or subacute, with truncate or at least in upper leaves, cordate base, hirsute; margin ca. undulate-crenate; midvein and lateral veins prominent beneath.3)


Inflorescence lax, leafy, with marked overtopping of the terminal flowers giving a dichotomous appearance; pedicels short, elongating up to 10mm. in fruit. Hypanthium broadly obconical, with 5 distinct nerves and up to 5 additional ca. weak nerves in between them, shortly and densely pubescent but with long hairs on the nerves. Calyx-lobes narrowly triangular, 4-8mm. long, acute, with long hairs at margins and on midvein outside, otherwise shortly and densely pubescent on both sides; calyx-appendages ovate, 1.5-2.5mm. long, reflexed, ca. obtuse. Corolla blue or mauve with whitish base, cylindrical, 6-8mm. long, with erect apiculate lobes 1-1.6mm. long; midveins of petals distinct with ca. long hairs, corolla otherwise densely puberulous outside, glabrous inside. Stamens with ovate shortly ciliate filament-bases; anthers 1.3-2mm. long. Ovary 3-locular; style much shorter than corolla-tube, 3-lobed, hairy at the base.4)


Campanula edulis and Campanula keniensis also differ in their chromosome numbers. They have 2n = 56 and 2n = 54 respectively.5)


Capsule 3-locular, dehiscing by basal valves. Seeds numerous, elliptic-oblong in outline, compressed, ca. 0.6mm. long, almost smooth, yellowish brown.6)


Kenya. Masai District: Ngong Hills, 28 Dec. 1954, Bally 9889! & 30 Nov. 1966, Archer 528! & 29 Nov. 1967, Agnew 9681! Distr. K6; not known elsewhere.7)


Hab. i. Upland grassland; 2150-2430m.8)

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