Campanula edulis

Forssk.= Forsskal


Forssk., Fl. Aegypt.-Arab.:44(1775):A.DC., Monogr.Camp.:235 (1830); F.P.S.3:70(1956); E.P.A.: 1052(1965); Thulin in Bot.Notiser 128:354, fig. 1/B(1976). Type: Yemen, Kurma, Forsskal(C,lecto!).

Synonym: Campanula esculenta A.Rich., Tent. Fl. Abyss. 2: 4(1851). Type: Ethiopia, Tigre, Ouodgerate, Quartin Dillon & Petit (P, lecto.!); Campanula quartiniana A.Rich., Tent. Fl.Abyss. 2: 5(1851); Hemsl. in F.T.A. 3: 481 (1877); E.P.A. 1053(1965). Type: Ethiopia, Tigre, Memsah, Quartin Dillon & Petit (P. holo!); Campanula rigidipila A.Rich., Tent. Fl. Abyss. 2: 3(1851); Hemsl. in F.T.A. 3: 482; U.K.W.F.:509(1974). Type: Ethiopia, Tigre, Ouodgerate, Quartin Dillon & Petit (P. lecto!); Campanula sarmentosa A.Rich., Tent. Fl. Abyss. 2: 4(1851); Type: Ethiopia, Choa, Quartin Dillon & Petit (P. lecto!); Campanula schimperi Vatke in Linnaea 38: 712 (1874), nom. superfl. Type as for Campanula rigidipila; Campanula schimperi Vatke var. quartiniana (A.Rich.) Vatke in Linnaea 40: 201 (1876); Campanula schimperi Vatke var. rigidipila (A.Rich.) Vatke in Linnaea 40: 201 (1876); Campanula schimperi Vatke var. sarmentosa (A.Rich.) Vatke in Linnaea 40: 201 (1876); Campanula rigidipila A.Rich. var. quartiniana (A.Rich.) Engl. in Abh. Preuss. Akad.Wiss. 1891: 410(1892); Campanula rigidipila A.Rich. var. sarmentosa (A.Rich.) Engl. in Abh. Preuss. Akad.Wiss. 1891: 410(1892); Campanula rigidipila A.Rich. var. esculenta (A.Rich.) Di Capua in Ann.Ist.Bot.Roma 8:236(1904).1)


Plant perennial. Stems 6-70cm. long, few to many, decumbent or ca. erect, ribbed, hirsute. Note; The species is very variable especially in flower-size.2)

Kenya-1: Campanula edulis, Fig.7,p.36. - Photographer: Herman Berteler.


Leaves sessile, elliptic to oblanceolate, up to 10-50mm. long, 3-16mm. wide, acute to rounded at the apex, with attenuate to subauriculate base; margin entire to ca. distantly and obscurely dentate, sometimes somewhat undulate, hirsute especially on the veins.3)


Inflorescence lax, ca. leafy, sometimes reduced to a single terminal flower. Flowers ca. erect on hirsute, up to 4cm long pedicels. Hypanthium broadly obconical, ca. 10-nerved, hirsute. Calyx-lobes lanceolate to narrowly triangular, 3.5-12 mm long, acute, ciliate-pubescent with triangular reflexed appendages. Corolla blue or purple with whitish base, rarely all white, campanulate to almost cylindrical, 7-25(-30)mm. long, with corolla-lobes 1,5-11mm. long, often pilose on the veins outside, otherwise glabrous. Stamens with braodly triangular ciliate filament-base; anthers 1.5-3mm. long. Ovary 3(-5)-locular; style shorter than the corolla, narrowly 3-5-lobed, glabrous or hairy at the base. 4)


Campanula edulis and Campanula keniensis also differ in their chromosome numbers. They have 2n = 56 and 2n = 54 respectively.5)


Capsule nodding, 3(-5)-locular, dehiscing by small basal valves. Seeds numerous, elliptic-oblong in outline, compressed, 0,7-0,8mm. long, almost smooth, yellowish brown. Fig.7,p.36.6)


Hab. Upland grassland, often on rocky ground; 1500-3700m.7)


Uganda. Karamoja District: Mt. Moroto, Imagit Peak. Sept. 1956, J.Wilson 263! & 6 Sept. 1956, Hardy & Bally in Bally 10770!; Kigezi District: Mt. Muhavura, N. slopes, 11 Jan. 1933, C.G.Rogers & Gardner 341!

Kenya. Northern Frontier Province: Marsabit, crater above Boma, 18 Oct. 1947, Bally 5670! Aberdare Mts., Kinangop, Lereko, July 1932, Napier 2107! & S. Kinangop, 21 May 1968, J.Williams WB2!
Tanzania. Masai District: S. rim of Ngorongoro Crater, 21 June 1965, Herlocker 136!: Mbulu District: Mt. Hanang, Werther's Peak, 12 febr. 1946, Greenway 7709!; Arusha District: Mt. Meru, E. side, 7 Apr. 1965, Richards 20086!
Distr. Ul,2;Kl.3,4,6;T2; Ethiopa, Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda and Yemen, possibly also in Chad and S.Algeria.
The variation is continuous, however, even though large-flowered forms predominate on certain mountains, e.g. Mt. Moroto in Uganda, Mts. Hanang and Ngorongoro in Tanzania and some others in Ethiopia.8)

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