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 +===== githopsidea =====
 +===== Campanula githopsidea =====
 +Rattan, Bot. Gaz. (Crawfordsville) 11:339. 1886. non Formanek, 1894. - Type: California, Contra Costa Co., summit of Mt. Diablo, 14 June 1886, //V. Rattan s.n.// (Holotype:​JEPS!;​ Isotypes: GH! JEPS!). The Rattan collection at GH contains a holograph description of the new species with a postcard sent to Coulter that mentions Mrs. Curran'​s Mt. Tamalpais collection. There is no indication on that specimen that it is the holotype. The sheets at JEPS were deposited there after Rattan'​s death by his daughter, according to Jepson'​s notes, and had been part of Rattan'​s personal herbarium. In the pocket of one, marked "​type"​ in Jepson'​s hand, is a loose label with imprinted locality information and //"​Campanula githopsidea"//​ handwritten. On the reverse of the label is a note in Rattan'​s handwriting to the effect that Gray had suggested //Campanula exgua// instead bevause he considered the former name confusing. It seems reasonable to treat this JEPS sheet as the holotype.(( :​ref:​nancymorin01 ))
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