Note sheet example

Note name Note text
:ref:sample1 A sample reference.
:ref:sample2 A sample reference with some formatting.
:ref:sample3 A sample reference with a link.

Note card example

Note name :ref:knuth-aop-2
Author Donald Knuth
Title The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 2: Seminumerical Algorithms
Edition Third Edition
Published 1997
Publisher Addison-Wesley
Pages xiv + 762 pp.
ISBN 0-201-89684-2


The plugin supports the following fields:

Name Label Description Defined in Used in
Basic Harvard
address Address Address of the publisher. r, d n
author Author List of the authors. r, d r, n
authors Authors
chapter Chapter Name of a book chapter. r, d n
direct Harvard referencing system allows two types of formatting for references: when author name is directly mentioned in the text and when it isn't. Using direct field you can control this formatting for each individual reference. r r
edition Edition Book edition. r, d n
isbn ISBN Book number. r, d n
issn ISSN
journal Journal Name of a journal or magazine. r, d n
month Month Month of publication. r, d n
note-name Note name Fully qualified note name including the namespace. d1 r2
note-page Note page Number of pages in a book or page range for an article. r, d n
note-pages Note pages
note-text Note text Text of the note. r, d n n3
page Page Number of pages in a book or page range for an article. When used in a reference, this field defines page that is referred by this particular reference. To define page range for the note from a reference use note-pages field. r, d r, n
pages Pages
published Published Date of publication. Alternatively it can be specifies with month and year fields. r, d r, n
publisher Publisher Address and name of the publisher. r, d n
ref-author Reference author RefNotes plugin doesn't do any processing on the list of authors. If there are too many of them to include in the reference, you can use ref-authors to provide an alternative list just for the references. r, d r
ref-authors Reference authors
title Title Title of a book or an article. r, d n4 n
url URL Wraps the note-text or title into a link. r, d n n
volume Volume Volume or issue number of a journal. r, d n
year Year Year of publication. r, d r, n


d — defined in reference database.
r — defined/used in references.
n — used in notes.


1) In BibTeX entries the entry key serves as note-name.
2) If refnote-id style is set to name.
3) If title is not defined.
4) If note-text is not defined.

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