Herman Hendrik Berteler (1947), has his whole career in the green and green education seated. After studies in Enschede and Frederiksoord, with qualifications in landscaping, Outdoor Recreation and Landscape Care, followed later Civil engineering (Association of Water) and pedagogy / didactics (HAS - 's-Hertogenbosch).

Having started as a technical officer at the Parks Department municipality of Hoogezand-Sappemeer, followed Stapoflor Ltd. in Portugal (1974), Garden Center TAN Vaesrade (municip. Nuth) and Principal Training Officer at Foundation Werkenrode in Groesbeek, for the establishment of a vocational horticulture for disabled (1978-1992).

In the eighties started with Office Aangepast Groen = Adapted Green (BAG) , ten years later parttime joined AOC East. First as green lecturer, then as program coordinator Green and until 1 March 2012 as a care coordinator MBO.

From his studies at the G.A. van Swieten Horticultural School Frederiksoord (1964-1967), were internships to include the company Van Staaveren in Aalsmeer. Here he returned in 1969, the time between military service (Marine Corps) and new study in Frederiksoord, to bridge. At the request of Mr. Maus Van Staaveren he joined from Stapoflor Ltd. and was engaged in the cultivation of carnation cuttings, Freesias, Amaryllus, Liatris and Alstroemeria in Portugal, from 1974 to 1977.

In 1980 he did the Acte L5 at the National Secondary Horticultural School Aalsmeer and 1981 the Pedagogical-didactic part of the HAS in Den Bosch.

From the introduction of Horticultural Therapy in 1979, Herman Berteler at the birth of what became known in the Netherlands as Aangepast Tuinieren = Adapted Gardening, later adapted green called. Alignment of gardening and exterior works on people with a disability.

Many model gardens, experiential, therapy, rehabilitation, Alzheimer or sensory gardens come from his drawing, as well as fully accessible nature trails (Alloo the SBB on Texel), the play forest in Nijverdal, Heemtuin Abcoude etc.

In overseas projects as Abylimpic 1980 in Bogota (Colombia), A.I.A.S. in Sicily, projects in Thailand, Hungary, Portugal, Germany and Belgium. Unique was the garden, “Garten Fur Alle” on the Mainau in Lake Constance, Germany.

After the thesis „Campanula als snijbloem en als potplant” (“Campanula as cut flowers and pot plant”) in 1980, was one of the first reports of his hand, „De educatieve waarde van een Natuurpad” (“The educational value of a Nature Trail”) along with Gijs van Keulen. In 1986 co-authored the book „Arbeidsactiviteiten, een middel tot hulpverlening” (“Labor Activities, a means of assistance”) (Cor Laming) and in 1988 „Gehandicapten en bejaarden in tuin en tuinbouw: Aangepast tuinieren” (“Disabled and elderly in garden and horticulture: Custom Gardening”) (Herman Berteler), besides many articles in professional journals and magazines.

In the 90s BAG been editor of the magazine „Aangepast Tuinieren” (“Custom Gardening”), first in black and white, full color later („Open Ruimte”)(“Open Space”).

Administrative experience was beside BC Groesbeek gained in ao foundation „Groen en Gehandicapten” (“Green and Disability”) foundation „Gehandicaptentuin Frederiksoord” (“Disabled Garden Frederiksoord”) Fund „Stichting GroenZorg” (“Foundation Green Care”) and as the founder and initiator of the foundation „Groenforum 2002” (“Green Forum 2002”), then transitioned into „Groenforum Nederland” (“Green Forum Netherlands”).

Besides a price for „Aangepast Tuinieren” (“Custom Gardening”) at Floriade 1982, he was in 1986 the first Golden Clover of the VBTB pinned.

From 2000 Herman Berteler a passionate golfer on his home course include „Het Rijk van Nijmegen” in Groesbeek and many other jobs in the Netherlands and abroad. He also plays from that period regular jobs in South Africa and has years participated Top of Holland.

Since 2003 active in the GolfPost committee and webmaster of the site of the Association of Het Rijk van Nijmegen. Played league in Men 5, disability 12.3. Runs every year between 600 and 700km net on the golf course, always accompanied by his camera and always making pictures of game, track, accessories, nature and wildlife.

From this background initiator and owner of the informative website about design, management and maintenance of golf courses,, since December 2011.

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