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 +===== dzaaku =====
 +Also //dzaakii// (( :​ref:​DieterZschummel02 ))
 +===== Campanula dzaaku =====
 +===== Habitus =====
 +The color of flowers (//​Campanula ciliata// var. **pontica**) from lilac to purple with slightly blurred transitions. Be formed before (//​Campanula dzaaku//) and now forms a whitish or more uzkotrubchatye form (//​Campanula angustitubularis//​),​ only bare rocks in the district of Oshten. //Campanula dzaaku// described in the "Flora of the USSR", but for the past 40 years, botany, morphology never mentioned it to years. Fischt and Oshten.
 +Kind of interesting and, most of all, a promising, especially his newly found form.
 +Text V.I.Kobauri(( :​ref:​flower.onego.ru01 ))
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