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 +===== myrtifolia =====
 +===== Campanula myrtifolia =====
 +Boiss. & Heldr. (1849), synonym //​Trachelium myrtifolium//​ (Boiss. & Heldr.) Boiss., synonym //​Tracheliopsis myrtifolia//​ (Boiss. & Heldr.) Schwarz & Davis in Hook. Discovered in 1845 by Heldreich and described by Boissier.
 +[{{:​campanula:​tn_campanula_myrtifolia.jpg?​300|Campanula myrtifolia = N.s.t. 637, Bot.Mag. 179:1972; Margaret Stones del-P.H. Davis}}]
 +===== Habitus =====
 +Dwarf, caespitose, fragile, suffruticose perennial herb; caudiculi branched, nodulose; stems numerous, erect, 1.5-3(-4)cm.,​ (including inflorescence),​ fragile, hispidulous.
 +[{{:​campanula:​tn_campanula_myrtifolia_tek..jpg?​300|Campanula myrtifolia = N.s.t. 637, Bot.Mag. 179:1972; P.H. Davis.}}]
 +===== Leaves =====
 +Leaves minute, sessile, elliptic to broadly ovate-elliptic,​ firm, 2-6mm. long, 1-4mm. broad, antrosely strigulose on surfaces and margin.
 +===== Flowers =====
 +Flowers small, 5- or sometimes 4-merous, solitary or in a 2-5-flowered corymb, borne on filiform bracteolate pedicels. Sepals exauriculate,​ linear-lanceolate,​ 2-2.8mm. long, strigulose, 1-11/2 times as long as the suborbicular,​ hispidulous ovary. Corolla lavender-blue or sometimes white, narrowly tubular-infundibular,​ 7-8mm. long, including the triangular 1mm. scarcely divergent lobes, softly hispidulous outside. Filaments linear-lanceolate,​ 0-8mm., ciliolate; anthers linear, 2mm. long, ending in a swollen-tipped mucro. Style included, c. 6mm. long, papillose; stigmas 3(-2), recurved, 0-3mm. long.
 +===== Fruit =====
 +Capsule 2.5-3mm. long, opening by 3 basal 0.8-1mm. pores. Seeds not available.
 +===== Living =====
 +In crevices of sloping and vertical limestone rocks between 1070 and 2100 m.s.m.
 +===== Origin =====
 +Central part of the  Isaurian Taurus (provinces of Konya and Icel, north and south of the Goksu valley near Ermenek) mountains of southern Turkey. ​
 +===== Cultivation =====
 +Seed of //Campanula myrtifolia//​ was brought back by the writer in 1949, and plants raised at Enfield by the late **G.H. Berry**. The plant figured was grown in N. London by **Mrs. Margaret Earle** (Mr Berry’s daughter) where it has flourished in pots in an unheated alpine house. It is said to be completely cold-hardy, flowers vigorously, and can be propagated by seed and cuttings (( :​ref:​phdavis01 )).
 +Foto:  Campanula myrtifolia = N.s.t. 637, Bot.Mag. 179:1972; Margaret Stones del-P.H. Davis
 +Foto bloemdelen: Campanula myrtifolia = N.s.t. 637, Bot.Mag. 179:1972; P.H. Davis.
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