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 +===== flaccidula =====
 +===== Campanula flaccidula =====
 +Sect. //​Rapunculus//​
 +===== Flowers =====
 +The genus //​Symphyandra//​ is very closely related to //​Campanula//​ and differs only in the anthers being connate in a tube. Even this difference breaks down, since in //​Campanula//​ sect. //​Symphyandriformes//​ there are some species, such as //Campanula betulifolia//​ and //Campanula ossetica//, where the anthers are partly connate in younger flowers. Also in //Campanula flaccidula//​ (sect. //​Rapunculus//​) the anthers are partly connate during anthesis (observation from herbarium material only). The preservation of //​Symphyandra//​ as a genus seems to result from conservative tradition, and subgeneric rank may be more appropriate.(( :​ref:​JDamboldt01 ))
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